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"Launcher-code" embedded

Using BizUnit means writing XML scripts, obviusly these scripts must be executed by a wrapping C# layer (using NUnit o MSUnit) and this means that a developer, after implementing the script, must write boilerplate code to use preferred unit test framework.

With BooUnit this is not needed because DSL embeds also launcher code and therefore a simple invocation of boo test script results in direct execution of test as in the following example:
booi "-r:BooUnit.dll" 

BooUnit v 1.0b (01/11/2007)
Angelo Scotto (
Info: Adding context property: BizUnitTestCaseName, value: MyTest

                                   S T A R T

Test: MyTest started @ 19:06:29.375 01/05/2008 by ASCOTTO\angelo

Setup Test: MyTest

Step: Microsoft.Services.BizTalkApplicationFramework.BizUnit.EventLogClearStep started @ 19:06:29.375 01/05/2008, failOn
Error = True
Info: About to clear the 'Application' event log on machine 'ASCOTTO'of all entries.
Step: Microsoft.Services.BizTalkApplicationFramework.BizUnit.EventLogClearStep ended @ 19:06:29.390 01/05/2008

Step: Reply.Cluster.BizTalkApplicationFramework.BizUnit.OracleDatabaseDeleteStep started @ 19:06:29.390 01/05/2008, fail
OnError = True
Info: DatabaseDeleteStep connecting to "Data Source=MyDb;User Id=UserId;Password=Password;", executing statement "delete
from MyTable where 1=1"


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